What is a Holistic Attorney?

Image of Karri and her paralegal meeting with a client
When you think of the word “attorney,” what words and images come to mind? Perhaps you think of words such as power, defend, law, aggressive, tactics, or focused on wins. Maybe the images you have in mind are of a case you recently saw in the news or an SVU Law & Order rerun. Often, attorneys are vastly different than what you see portrayed in the media. Moreover, there is a subset of attorneys that approach case management from a holistic perspective.
A Holistic Attorney approaches each case by taking note of individual facts and extenuating circumstances. This approach acknowledges that each case has interconnected moving parts that can only make sense when reviewed together as a whole. Holistic Attorneys thrive on understanding the nuance of each person – what motivates them, their pain points and struggles, and, in general, their unique humanness.


How a Holistic Attorney thinks 

A good example of holistic problem-solving can be found in one of my favorite children’s stories. When my kids were younger, I read Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young to them. The seven mice happen upon a “strange Something” they cannot identify. Each mouse takes a turn scoping out a part of the “strange Something” and shares his theory as to what it might be. Is it a pillar, a spear, or a fan? Finally, the seventh mouse explores the entire “strange Something,” and she successfully identifies it as an elephant.

Another example is a broken leg. Once cast, the person is good to go and fully on the mend, right? But consider this. Maybe that person is a runner and will miss out on the half marathon they’ve been training for the last six months. Or perhaps this person drives a lot for work and cannot drive a car now. Independence levels might change, and this person now requires daily assistance around the house. While adjusting to this new normal, their mental health might suffer too. While only the leg physically breaks, the whole person experiences its effects. 


The MKG Legal difference

Similarly, my holistic approach to law practice means that when someone walks through my door for a specific reason, I recognize that this is not the only defining component of their life. Life is not black and white. It is complex, with different stories, experiences, and nuances. No matter the case (divorce, criminal, etc.), you are so much more than the reason you need an attorney. I aim to meet you where you are, considering both case facts and who you are as an individual, to find the best solution for you. Often whatever brings a person to my office is a symptom of a more significant challenge in her life. Or conversely, cases create other needs or challenges. These needs include mental health, housing, employment, or addiction support.


Connect with us

The moral of the children’s book, Seven Blind Mice reads: “Knowing in part may make a fine tale, but wisdom comes from seeing the whole.” A Holistic Attorney views cases as a whole, which allows for nuance and humanness. It is the only way to seek justice and advocate for clients. With strong connections in the communities I serve, it’s part of my practice to advise you in the best ways possible while also connecting you with services that can help you in the other challenging areas of your life. You are more than this case, and I want YOU to succeed! Get in touch with us today.